Our Mission

Iceland geothermal excursion.

Iceland geothermal excursion.

Research in Sustainable Technologies

We will succeed in our Vision through Research, Education and Consultation. However, we realize that we cannot, and indeed should not, do it alone. Sustainable behavior is needed from everyone, all the time, all over the world. To do this we are implementing in the following manner: 


We are a scientific research institute. Understanding the science and developing the technology needed for making a positive effect on civilization is a daunting task. Our research efforts include:

1) Performing contract method development and validation to help organizations improve their existing analytical and production methods. By implementing Green Chemistry principles, our scientists perform targeted development and validation work in our laboratory to make cleaner, less toxic, less waste, lower cost and faster methods that do not negatively impact the quality of the data or products produced.

2) Support targeted research projects supporting sustainability goals. These are long-term research projects, sponsored by individuals or organizations who support our vision of making the world a better place. These projects are custom designed and planned in collaboration with the project sponsor with the intent to share the results with the world. These projects have ranged from designing land use options to help feed university students in Ethiopia to building biomass heating and cooking devices to planting urban greenspaces. A funding sponsor with a vision can work with our team to bring their vision to reality.

3) Our affiliate laboratories often have excess capacity to perform more routine or standard testing

Private research involving intellectual property items is also done when trade secrets or product manufacturing topics are addressed.

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At the Frölich Institute, we teach to those who are willing to learn about sustainability science and technology. To do this our instructors:

1) Engage to teach in traditional lecture and classes

2) Present seminars and talks at conferences and summits

3) Deliver workshops and events

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Knowledge transfer and sharing experiences are critical to the advancement of science and sustainability. The Institute Affiliate Program is a network of selected consultants with both the passion and expertise to assist our clients in areas contained within our Vision. Our Affiliates assist the Institute in our research and analytical testing. Our Clients may also choose to hire these experts in defined and limited engagements.

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