Sponsor a Project

If you have an interest in a specific project we are currently working on,  your donation can go specifically to those efforts. A general donation will fund all aspects of the Institute's mission providing support to all projects depending on the needs at the time.

If you have laboratory equipment that you wish to donate to support the Institute or the project please send us an email to discuss.


Green Chemistry


Reducing the toxins, waste and landfill materials used by the laboratory has proven to be a sustainable choice for long-term cost reduction and efficiency. The ROI is substantial. A donation to this project will help us obtain the instrumentation we need to make the greatest impact on this work. 
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Biomass Stove


We are prototyping this stove now. The engineering and the components have been created, but assembly of the burner and integration of the solar recharging system is not yet complete. A donation to this project will is help us get an entire working assembly to put under realistic working stress and failure testing. 
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Aflatoxin Detector


This project is in the design phase. A donation to this project will assist in the design of the electronic control boards to integrate the optical system to the detection system and the data gathering unit. It will also fund the components needed for the first prototype assembly.  More information →

Suburban Sustainability - Unity Park


Our first urban sustainability project is "Unity Park". Located at 133 W. Acadia Ave. in Winston-Salem, NC. This experimental permaculture food forest will contain a shelter, benches and paths within a greenspace of fruit and nut plants for the neighborhood to enjoy.  More information →