$1,395 per test

$1,395 per test


Corrositex® is an in vitro test that determines chemical corrosivity and permits assignment of GHS Category and U.N. Packing Group classification for Class 8 corrosives. This test fully replaces the rabbit test of dermal corrosivity by providing a reliable means of mimicking this test. The proprietary core technology of the Corrositex® test is based upon a biomembrane and chemical detection system, which becomes colored when exposed to potentially corrosive substances.

How the  Corrositex® Test Works

The Corrositex® testing system consists of a glass vial filled with a chemical detection fluid capped by a proprietary bio-barrier membrane, which is designed to mimic the effect of corrosives on living skin.

The Corrositex® test is performed in three steps. First, a qualification test is done to insure that the test sample and the CDS reagent are compatible. If a physical change or color change is observed, the sample is judged to be compatible with the detection solution and the remainder of the test is performed. The second step of the Corrositex® test utilizes appropriate indicator solutions to permit categorization of the test sample as either a Corrositex® Category 1 or Corrositex® Category 2 material. Corrositex® Category 1 materials are typically strong acids/bases, while Corrositex® Category 2 materials are typically weak acids/bases. The third step in the test is performed by applying the test sample to the biobarrier. When the chemical permeates through or destroys the full thickness of this biobarrier, it comes into contact with the CDS which then undergoes a simple color change. This color change is visually observed and the time required for the color change to occur is recorded. Users simply record the time it takes for the sample to break through the membrane. Then, depending on their needs, they can assign the proper GHS Category and/or U.N. Packing Group classification for U.S. DOT or EPA compliance, or use the data as a ranking tool or to substantiate marketing claims.